The Freshman 15: Surviving Your First Year in College

Close-up of a woman doing laundry

5. Learn to do your laundry. Please.

The best part about college life is the independence. Part of that independence, however, is the fact that you really are just that: independent. Which means you cannot rely on anybody to do the mundane things, especially your laundry. Set a time at least once a week to do your laundry. And never forget to take out your clothes from the dryer as soon as they are done. You will thank yourself for it.

Portrait of a smiling female student eating sandwich in the cafeteria
6. Eat well and stay healthy

Part of the whole “college independence” deal is that you get to say what you will eat. Yes, those fries, burgers, and pizza sure taste delicious, and most of the time, they will fit snuggly in you measly budget. But never neglect the salad bar. Making sure that you are healthy and well-fed will give you a better chance to deal with the stress that you will inevitably face during your college years.