The Freshman 15: Surviving Your First Year in College

1. Go to class. Always.

This might sound like a very obvious, even stupid, advice. But there will be days when you just don’t want to go to class. This is normal. Pretty much everyone goes through this phase. Trust us when we tell you: Nothing is more important than being present in all your classes, no matter how dull or useless they may seem to you. Make sure you always get go to class.

Student Class

2. Attend your orientations…. they’re important!

Yes, they can be very boring. We understand. You might think it’s okay to skip them since you’re going to learn all that as you go along anyways, right? Consider attending orientations as the boring tutorials at the start of every video game ever. You think they are tedious and meaningless until you can’t quite get over a level, all because you missed that one, sweet introduction bullet.