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5 Career and Job Ideas for Single Moms

Need a job that fits your lifestyle and schedule? As a single mom, finding a job or career that fits your lifestyle can be difficult. It is important to not only make enough money to live comfortably, but also find a job with hours that are in line with daycare or school. Weekends and late night

Best Online Medical Billing and Coding Programs

One of the fastest growing, in-demand careers needs dedicated professionals like you The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has said that the need for qualified Medical Billing and Coding professionals stands to grow at a rate of 22% through the year 2022. If you are interested in this career path, you should know that it

These Leading Industries Need YOU to Work From Home

It's a Growing and Lucrative Trend Did you know that major corporations routinely hire offsite personnel to work at home either full-time or part-time? It's true. Every day more companies are opting to limit overhead and facilitate expanding their work forces by hiring people just like you to work from home. Many require no previous experience

Reasons to Become a Medical Transcriptionist

Why Medical Transcription? With the aging of the baby boom generation and major changes in medical insurance, accurate medical documentation is more necessary than ever. A career in medical transcription may be the job for you if you choose to work from home. The advent of high-speed Internet has made it increasingly easy to distribute

Work From Home Opportunities For Moms

You can have the flexibility you need. The hardest thing many women face in their careers is returning to work after having a baby, but with a little thought to what you enjoy doing, returning to the work force doesn't have to mean leaving home. More and more moms are finding out that it is definitely

5 Reasons to Consider Medical Billing and Coding

A Critical Service to the Medical Community People in Medical Billing and Coding act as the link between medical practitioners or hospitals and the insurance companies. Their skills have been in high demand for years. Medical Biller/Coders are skilled workers who interpret official medical records and assign them codes that can be submitted to insurance companies for payment. Read on to discover why