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How to Go to College on the CHEAP

Sponsored Links   College on a Shoestring Budget? We've Got You Covered! Some people avoid college because they can't see any way of being able to pay back their student loan debt before it's time to retire from their careers (or worse). Others blindly over-borrow on student loans and end up paying the equivalent of

Medical Billing and Coding Training: Which Path is Best for You?

  Choose Your Optimal Career Path There are usually several ways to attain the the training and experience necessary for a specific job, and Medical Billing and Coding is no exception. The first step to obtaining a job in this in-demand field is to get the education that you need. There are four main ways

5 Reasons to Consider Medical Billing and Coding

A Critical Service to the Medical Community People in Medical Billing and Coding act as the link between medical practitioners or hospitals and the insurance companies. Their skills have been in high demand for years. Medical Biller/Coders are skilled workers who interpret official medical records and assign them codes that can be submitted to insurance companies for payment. Read on to discover why