How to Go to College on the CHEAP

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First, let’s start with FAFSA, or Free Application for Federal Student Aid. If you attend college, then you have to apply for this. Every New Year’s Day when you’re nursing your hangover, you need to bust out your laptop and apply for FAFSA for the next school year. There are deadlines for when you must complete your FAFSA application and this varies by each state. Colleges may have their own deadlines as well. You can find out your state’s deadline by logging on to

Unless you have one parent (or one parent working) or get to claim independence, chances are you don’t qualify for assistance. I didn’t. Both my parents worked. They didn’t make an enormous amount of money. Their income was average. I tried to get them to divorce, but they respectfully declined. I didn’t qualify for a single penny, but maybe you will. “How?” You ask? Like this:

Are you at least 24? If so, you can claim independence from your parents on your FAFSA. This means you don’t have to claim your parents’ income. That’s right. You only have to claim your income, which at 24 years old, likely isn’t much. If you’re over 24 yrs. old and thinking about returning to college, fill out a FAFSA application.

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